Black Porkpie Felt Hat

Style: M170


$49.95 AUD

Top off your jazzy look with the black porkpie felt hat

Try to keep your astonishment in check as a men’s favourite jazz-inspired topper is back in vogue. This porkpie hat is the reemergence of classics and all those simple-yet-elegant things of the bygone fashion days. The flat circular crown of this men’s fedora smoothly aligns with its rolled-up all-around brim. It sits comfortably just above the ears while enhancing your outfit with a prestigious touch in black.

There’s no better fabric for such an iconic black porkpie hat than wool felt. Its extraordinary resilience and durability properties make sure the crown and edges stay resistant to deformation for years. They snap back into their original shape and do not take a wet hit when it rains. We’ve made our black porkpie with 100% pure wool felt so that you can jazz up your appearance throughout multiple seasons. Plus, it keeps you shaded in summer and warm in winter.

Even though traditional porkpie hats often featured ribbons and feathers, our fedora-style topper has no whimsy embellishments. Its minimalist design is a tribute to stripped-down fashion with no protruding elements along the brim. This makes our black porkpie the go-to choice for both formal and casual wear.

When a men’s porkpie hat is always a stylish match

This porkpie looks perfect for all skin colours and heights. With the right size (available in up to 60 cm in head circumference), it can be worn by athletically built and skinny men while accentuating the best features of every body shape.

Thanks to its minimalist design, this wool felt fedora porkpie hat is a don-worthy topper for your outfit for:

  • Jazz concerts. Since you want to look classy when dressing up for a jazz event, matching this black porkpie with a vest or a button-up shirt will do the trick. The hat is the cherry on top of your on-trend outfit, completed by a pair of leather wingtips.
  • Wedding festivities. If you’ve received an invitation to a wedding ceremony or reception, buy this porkpie hat to top off your classic tux. There’s something special about tipping it as you greet the bride, groom or other guests.
  • Horse races. The porkpie goes well with a sophisticated jacket (it looks just as nice with a smart blazer, though). It’s worth having on your head when dressing up for the formal dress code of some horse racing event.
  • Casual wear. Whether you need a final touch to your easy-going long-sleeved tee or cardigan, our black porkpie hat can provide it. You can wear it for a night out with friends, dates and holiday trips, among other occasions.

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