Opt for a flat cap — A universally loved headpiece

There are only a few traditional hat styles that can provide competition to flat caps. This kind of headwear is one of the most recognizable in the world. It is worn by people of all ages, styles, and financial or public status. You can see flat caps on cab drivers and stylish-looking passers-by as well as in fantastic looks pulled by David Beckham and Guy Ritchie — a duckbill flat cap is a truly versatile accessory! And, we believe you cannot call yourself a true fashion enthusiast if you don’t have this hat (or a few of them) on your hat rack.

Become a part of the history with our top-of-the-line flat cap hats

Our mission is to share the love for quality headpieces in Australia and worldwide by supplying our customers with the most unique, stylish, and acclaimed hat styles. Without a doubt, a flat cap hat deserves its place in our extensive catalogue. This headpiece has been around for centuries, taking its origin in the 14th century in Northern England. Originally made from tweed, wool, or cotton, you can now buy flat caps in various materials and fabrics.

Men’s flat cap hats with short brims were worn by those in the upper class in 19th century Britain, students of private schools during the 20th century, and golfers in the United States, more recently. You can create countless stylizations and wear this headgear for almost any occasion, adding a smart touch to your outfit.

Hats From OZ – Your trusted Australian-based supplier to order flat caps online

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Some cloth flat caps come in one size and are adjustable, while for others, you can choose your exact size. Porkpie hats and flat caps for those who want to look stylish without spending a fortune, and more refined options — you name it, we’ve got them all!

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