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Searching for the Perfect Hat or Wedding Fascinators

Putting together all of the pieces to make the perfect wedding that you have always dreamed about is not easy, and it's definitely not cheap. But now you can scratch one part off your list with these hats and wedding fascinators for sale at Hats From OZ. You won't find anything here that costs thousands of dollars, so you can really let your imagination run free as you browse through the different styles without having your mind clouded by outrageous price tags. Our styles of wedding headwear include:
  • Top hat
  • Cocktail
  • Fascinators
  • Pillbox
  • Comb headpiece
  • And custom wedding hats for sale, made to your specifications

Guests Need Wedding Hats Too

The days of seeing women out on the street wearing elegant hats as they go about their regular everyday life is truly a thing of the past. In these modern times there are very few occasions where a hat is almost mandatory, and a wedding is one of those occasions. Of course, the bride should be the main focus and nobody should be trying to outshine her, but that doesn't mean the guests should show up with a bare head. Hats From OZ has many wedding hats and fascinators for the mother of the bride and the guests as well, so browse through the list and don't show up empty-headed at your next event.

Free Shipping to Selected Countries and AfterPay Available

Continuing our principle of making designer wedding hats affordable and accessible by the general public, and not just the wealthy few, the team here at Hats From OZ has come up with a few more ways of getting your order to you quickly and cheaply. First of all, our customers in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States will receive free shipping on all orders placed through our website. For customers in countries other than those listed above, we offer discounted shipping costs while still maintaining our high standard of care. Secondly, we are using a handy service called AfterPay. If you choose the AfterPay option, you get to enjoy your new hat right now and then pay for it later. There is no extra charge to you as the customer as long as you pay the instalments in a timely manner. So, just pay the instalments for the next two months and you won't be charged a cent more than the prices you see listed here on the website. At the end of the day, nothing can convince you of how much you will love our products until you have it in your hand for yourself. We make sure that everything is packaged carefully so that when your mail arrives you will have a smile on your face as you open it.

Australian Made Wedding Hats and Fascinators

Hats From OZ brings you beautiful wedding hats for bride and guest alike, with some special offerings for the mother of the bride, and we proudly make all of our products right here in Australia.

Sparkling bridal headpiece

Stick to Your Budget with AfterPay

We know what it's like to see beautiful things for sale and the need to have it right away. Perhaps you have an upcoming event and you saw something you like in our range of casual hats for ladies but you thought you couldn't afford it in time for the occasion. That is why we offer a service called AfterPay.

If you decide to use AfterPay, you can order and receive your products immediately without paying anything. All you need to do then is pay off the cost over four instalments. This service is completely free to you when you make the payments on time, so there is absolutely no added costs. The price you see listed here is the price you will pay in instalments.

So, now that you know a little bit more about what we do here at Hats From OZ, it's time to get back to browsing our women's casual winter hats and stylish summer headwear. We hope you find something you will love for many seasons to come.