Bask in the limelight with special occasion hats

It is your style that makes you a true lady. Your taste guides you through what to slip on, where to wear it to, when you should dress up and how to put yourself in the best light. A good wardrobe combination highlights some of your features and conceals others. But accessories make your style shine, which is where ladies’ hats for special occasions do the hardest job.

Hats From OZ is your jumping-off point for an extensive headwear catalogue curated with pieces from top Australian millinery brands. It’s teeming with wedding hats for women and elaborate headpieces that fit your personality for other occasions. They will make fine additions to celebrations, soirees, races and opera evenings, among other events. Each item shines with designer chic and style inspired by Australian fashion.

Create a unique style with women’s hats for special occasions

Sometimes, you need to figure out what to wear to a birthday party or a formal evening. Think of our range of special occasion hats and fascinators as the testing ground for fashion experiments. These items have various designs, including feathers, leaves and flowers. They can be plain or flamboyant, depending on the impression you wish to make.

Hats From OZ carries special occasion fascinators made with lightweight materials to showcase a bazillion colours. Think plain blacks and whites and bright reds and blues. Try combining this headwear with different outfits to see which combinations work best. If you’re looking for a bespoke special day fascinator, some pieces can be made based on the fabric and specifications you provide.

Is your occasion somehow related to the wedding? Here you can also grab bridal combs that will make you the star of the event. These are great alternatives to the hat you might have considered first. Some combs intricately resemble tree branches, butterflies, flowers and leaves and are stunningly sprinkled with imitation jewellery.

Accentuate your mother’s look with special hats

While looking your best on your wedding day is essential, you want your parents to be on the same fashion page. With our selection of mother-of-the-bride hats for short hair, you have plenty of items to bring beautiful consistency to your and your mother’s outfits on your big day. 

Many fascinators, pillboxes and cocktail pieces are up for grabs to fit various face shapes and hairstyles. If you’re shopping for special occasion hats for women to keep everyone well-dressed during and after the ceremony, zoom in on our:

  • Cocktail hats with a small veil or flower elements
  • Elaborate fascinators with a crinoline trim
  • Lavish wide-brimmed hats for winter and summer occasions
  • Boater hats providing coverage for outdoor events
  • Minimalist pillbox hats that combine modern and classic looks

The best part is that many custom-made headpieces can highlight the preferred colour style, be it black, gold, burgundy or cream. Browse the available hats and see which design fits your attire. This may give you additional ideas for the colour scheme of the wedding.

For a united family look, choose matching colours. Hats From OZ has a sizeable selection for all family members attending wedding celebrations and leaning towards a nice combination of classic designs, lightweight fabric and second-to-none quality.

Whatever your mother’s preferred style, you’ll surely find something that fits her. Our collection is full of mother-of-the-bride headwear for short-haired women that looks irresistible with the most popular hairdos. 

Are you here for more? There are plenty of headpieces to choose from, depending on the special occasion or the person you’re shopping for. Take your time to explore everything elegance – one hat at a time.