Browse Our Selection of Mother of the Bride Headwear

Whether your daughter or son is having a formal wedding in a church, a casual wedding on a beach somewhere, or something in between the two, it is important for you as the mother of the bride to look your best. Of course, this means having a more subtle or subdued style than what you’d have for your own wedding, and we’ve got a range of headwear to suit exactly this purpose.

Our styles include:

  • Church hat
  • Large brim
  • Pillbox
  • Top hat
  • Cocktail
  • Fascinator

Custom Made Special Occasion Hats

The team here at Hats From OZ believes in getting all of the little details just right, so that you are completely carefree and happy when that big day arrives. We are focused on what we do best here, which is mother of the bride hats and fascinators, so we don’t deal in complete outfits that are matched or contrasted to your liking. Because of this, we offer a custom service so that you can order exactly what you need without all of the guesswork and trial and error.

When you take advantage of our custom made service, you can choose which colours you would like used in your mother of the bride fascinators or hats. This is very useful when trying to either match or contrast an existing outfit that is an unusual colour itself, not just a simple black or white.

You can even send us your very own pieces of fabric and we will make a hat or other headwear from it. By doing so, you can create something truly memorable out of an old piece of fabric that perhaps has sentimental value to you, or of course just buy some new fabric at your favourite shop and send it to us.

Buy Your Mother of the Bride Hats Online and Save Money

It’s no secret that you can often find a better deal online as opposed to traditional retail shopping, depending on what you’re looking for of course. Hats From OZ takes this a few steps further by offering more options that make buying mother of the bride hats and fascinators even more affordable.

To start with, if you live in Australia, New Zealand, or the United States, you will get free shipping on everything you purchase from our online store. Customers in countries other than those will be offered the lowest possible rate for delivery. All you need to do is add the products you like to your cart, and then you will be able to see the complete cost including shipping before you checkout.

We hope you enjoy browsing our range of products as much as we enjoy creating them, and we look forward to having you as our next customer at Hats From OZ.

Mother-of-the-bride hats for short hair

Don’t let your short locks keep you from topping off your outfit and making a grand entrance on your little one’s wedding day. With our mother-of-the-bride headwear for short hair, you can get a piece that sits comfortably and makes you look chic to enjoy this joyous occasion. You deserve to show up as brightly as the bride!

A pillbox hat brings a touch of retro glam to any wedding and hairstyle. Paired with pearl earrings, sunglasses and a silk scarf around your neck, it can give you so much of a fashionista’s look.

If you are looking for a fun finishing accent for your short locks, our gorgeous fascinators and summer wedding hats are just the ticket. This fanciful mother-of-the-bride headwear won’t overwhelm your cropped haircut, leaving you with plenty of ideas for pairing extra accessories.

More options for major short-haired guests

Large-brim hats are a stylish saviour for short hairstyles on the Special Day. Whether you’re rocking a pixie cut, choppy bob or anything in between, a wide brim imparts instant allure while shielding you from the harsh Australian sun.

To make an impeccable impression at your kid’s wedding without upstaging her own wedding hat for the bride, grab a sleek and classy cocktail hat. It will allow you to express your elegant (yet flirty) side in a modern way. Cocktail pieces are perfect for post-ceremony celebrations and as you walk your daughter down the aisle. 

With a stunning mother-of-the-bride headpiece from Hats From OZ, you will shine as brightly as the summer sun on your girl’s happy face!