The brief history of men’s fedora

The term “fedora” first popped up in 1891 thanks to the legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt who portrayed Princess Fédora Romazov in a play by Victorien Sardou. On the stage, Bernhardt rocked a manly, soft brimmed hat with a center crease. But it is not until the Edward, Prince of Wales started wearing the same style in 1924 that fedora became a full-blown trend.

The style breakdown

  • Material
    The classic fedora is made of high-quality felt derived from rabbit fur, cashmere or wool. We also have modern straw hats of the same style. The lighter material is perfect for summer.
  • Crown
    The main trademark of any fedora. Due to the soft material, the crown can be shaped, pinched, and creased however you like to achieve the desired look.
  • Brim
    The possibilities here are infinite! Fedora brims may differ in width, finishes, and positions. The edge may be blunt-cut and unfinished, sewn or trimmed with a ribbon. Change the angle of the brim to reflect your personal sense of style and flatter your face shape.
  • Decorations
    There is usually a ribbon or a piece of fabric with a bow or a buckle sitting above the brim of a fedora.

How to wear fedora style hats?

Incorporating this fashionable accessory into your wardrobe may seem hard at first. However, there is nothing to worry about! This particular style is very versatile and flattering. Back in the day, fedora hats called for a pantsuit. Whereas, these days, it associates with a more relaxed look. Don’t know what to pair with a fedora? When in doubt, throw on a pair of light-washed jeans and a plain white t-shirt – this simple look is the new classic. Top it off with a fedora to add a bold finishing touch.

Why you should choose our fedora shop

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Beyond fedoras – Choose homburg hats online

Do you think your gentleman look may do better than with a fedora? You’re in luck because Hats From OZ carries plenty of alternatives. Among those, you can buy a homburg hat that accentuates your personality and character traits. Even though the hat’s popularity peaked in the 1930s, it’s still a favoured choice for many Australian gentlemen.

Different materials are used to give this headwear its majestic appearance. The greatest examples of the homburg hats Australia is famous for are made using a soft linen fabric that feels comfortable on the head. The material makes them excellent for daily wear or special events like weddings and concerts.

Homburg hats come in various colours, from orange to turquoise blue. Plus, they are lightweight enough to keep your head cool in the summertime.

Show off your role with your hat

If you fancy more wide-brimmed headwear that speaks volumes about your societal role, check out Sheriff’s hats inspired by Australia’s Outback. These headgear options feature high-quality fabric wrapped around the crown with a stylish leather band. Give one a go, and you look like a true Australian!

A fan of short-brimmed leather pieces? You can’t go wrong with men’s trilby hats. These are made from Kangaroo leather and can turbo-charge stylishness and versatility. Whether at a barbeque party or a racing event, you’ll be comfortable and confident with your trilby hat. It’s a timeless design that fits well wherever you may find yourself.

If you’re looking for more than just casual wear essentials, a black felt top hat will be an irreplaceable piece for your wardrobe. You can wear it to weddings, evenings at the opera and yacht parties. It can also double as a men’s summer hat.

Deals to be on your shopping radar

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Before ordering, select the size that fits your measurements and personality. That’s the only way to be happy with your fedora, homburg, or trilby.