Bespoke hats – One-off difference-makers for your uniqueness

A lady without tons of hats waiting for her decision in the wardrobe may be hard-pressed to assemble an exclusive look. You don’t want to encounter that problem! Your millinery must align with your personality and provide comfort throughout the year while giving you dozens of options for individuality. So, if you are tired of shopping with generic brands, why not make your way through Hats From OZ? Here you’ll find many unique hats for women who adore exclusive fashion.

Choose from limited-edition headwear that will never appear on the shelves of generic fashion stores. One-of-a-kind creations by Cupids Millinery, Fillies Collection and Max Alexander – as well as our bespoke pieces – are all available. If you are into updating your accessories, now is the perfect time to do this.

There are several item types you can expect to find in our Limited Edition / Exclusive collection, including unique wedding fascinators for that special day of your life. But other creations can also make a fine addition to your wardrobe. Take a closer look at each to better understand what will work with your complexion and haircut.

Put together your new look with bespoke fascinators

At the heart of this collection is a range of fascinators preferred by fashionistas in Australia. These are items with various degrees of luxury and minimalism. Unusual fascinators make great style enhancers for outdoor parties, formal evenings, visits to the Sydney Opera House and daily wear. Here are some of the picks worth taking:

  • Art deco-inspired black and gold fascinators with swirling designs
  • Fuchsia-coloured limited-edition fascinators that feature a straw-like style
  • Eye-pleasing golden or ivory fascinators made of premium-quality sinamay and decorated with elaborate lace
  • Exclusive fascinators that bring together abaca, decorative feathers and floral arrangements 

Each of these creations is one-of-a-kind and can’t be bought anywhere else. They are works of millinery art coveted for ownership and fashion displays. Every one-off fascinator can make a difference-making addition to your casual look or formal dress, but if this doesn’t fit your style, you can browse other limited-edition options.

Express yourself with smaller headpieces

Heavy winter hats or unusual fascinators designed for layered wear might not be the right choice for some events. If you lack a royal-like fashion accessory for specific occasions, give a headband a try. At Hats From OZ, headbands are as exclusive as fascinators and include:

  • Glittering options covered in multi-coloured artificial crystals with green, blue or monochrome colour schemes
  • Floral headbands decorated with artificial orchid flowers in coffee, black, yellow, purple or red hues
  • Wild headbands made from ostrich fringe feathers to captivate everyone with their bright neon-like colours (might not be great for formal events, though)
  • More subdued headbands in pale blue, green, pink or purple

Each headband is exclusive and will never be made again to cover the fashion needs of the general public. So, if you’re looking for a wedding gift or something to accentuate your casual look, you know what it takes to make it unbelievable.

Hit the high seas and races in style

In Australia, it isn’t all about formal evenings and social gatherings – though it may be hard to believe considering how many boats and racecourses the country has to offer. But other occasions are as common and require well-fitting accessories for outdoor wear. If you lack those for your upcoming voyage or a day at the races, consider buying limited-edition hats that all fashionistas agree to be ideal for the purpose:

  • Wide-brimmed boater hats that will shield you from the sun and the wind
  • Straw hats with golden loops perfect for your cruise
  • Options with elaborate flowers for a sweeter appearance
  • Minimalist berets for the transitional season
  • Stylish fur hats for occasions that may make you cold

Buy unique hats that have proven their worth outdoors! While putting them on, you know that no one else wears the same hat as you do. Even when you get off the boat or leave the races, you’ll still have a unique piece of millinery that makes you outstanding.

Cloche and fedora hats for a winter version of you

If you haven’t gotten anything for this winter season, now is the right time to rethink your purchasing behaviours. Hats From OZ is famous for its selection of unique winter hats that will keep you warm and stylish. As is the case with all creations in this collection, each hat is a one-of-a-kind celebration of design and an outstanding winterish fit that you can achieve with: 

  • Neutral wool felt fedoras with an accent leather brim
  • Bright felt fedoras with a black hand-made trim
  • Wide-brimmed cloche hats with a soft brim and a geometric print
  • Elegant cloche hats reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s

All unusual hats for sale are put together by the best milliners in Australia to add elegance and individuality to your winter look. Plus, you’ll be warm and cosy even when everyone else is forced to layer up.

Patience is not a vogue seeker’s trait – Buy exclusive hats today

These pieces are only a fraction of the millinery style enhancers available at Hats From OZ. If you are looking for unique fascinators online or in the mood to swap out your old straw hat for something more extravagant, go through the entire collection to get your favourites. All fashion tastes and preferences are met right here!