Make a fashion statement with one of our stylish Panama hats

Known by many names, this type of hat has been around for centuries, being an inevitable headpiece in any fashion lover’s closet. A traditional men’s Panama hat usually comes in natural shades with a black ribbon and has the shape of a fedora. But, of course, fashion does not stand still, and these days you can find pieces of this style in a variety of shapes and colours.

How to spot a high-quality men’s Panama hat?

The hats of this style are sold on every corner, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to buy a genuine and high-quality headpiece. First of all, any authentic Panama hat should be made in Ecuador, with original caps often coming from Cuenca and Montecristi. Besides, when buying a Panama hat online, make sure that your headpiece is woven from Toquilla straw, as it’s the only material a genuine hat of this type can be made of. The rule of thumb is that the Panama hat price and quality depend on two main factors: the best pieces are created with the finest straw of even colour and boast a dense weave.

How to properly wear a Panama-style hat?

This headpiece can become a perfect addition to your summer outfit and add some refinement to a casual or more formal outfit. Match your hat to a Hawaiian shirt and shorts to create a laid-back, relaxed look. Or, use it with a linen suit for an elevated look perfect for any summer party.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry that your headgear might go out of style — Panama hats are truly timeless! Ask anyone from Clark Gable and Brad Pitt to Antony Hopkins — they all went for this classic headpiece.

Why count on the Hats From OZ store to buy panama hats online

We aspire to provide our customers with unique headpieces that stand out not only by their design but also by impeccable quality. Our Panama hats for sale are handmade by local artisans in Ecuador, so you can expect to receive a truly original and authentic product. All hats are made of the finest Toquilla straw and have an adjustable fit band.

Hats From OZ is a recognized brand in Australia’s hat market. We are proud to acknowledge that our company is the only hat brand in the country licensed to display the “Made in Australia” logo. And, because we want to share our exclusive and outstanding headpieces with the rest of the world, Hats From OZ offers free international shipping. Have no fear — your headpiece will be carefully packed to protect it during its journey to your home and wardrobe.

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