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But the question remains: how to style fascinators and hats properly? First of all, you should learn the difference between the two. A fascinator is an embellished decoration that has a small base and requires pins, clips, combs or a headband to stay on. Whereas, a racing hat covers more head and has wide brims, protecting the face from hot summer rays. The rule of thumb is: if you are wearing a dress – go with a fascinator, and if you have chosen a skirt suit – opt for a hat. Your headwear should match the style of the dress but not the color. Go for a complimenting or contrasting shade to make a powerful fashion statement.

Spring Summer Fascinators and Hats for Races Online

Wearing head accessories to horse races is a time-honored tradition that goes back to more than 200 years. It is considered a major fashion faux pas to show up at any racing event with a bare head. Why? Because racing is the sport of kings, and you have to look the part. Fascinators and hats used to symbolize wealth. The more elaborate and exquisite the design was, the higher was the social status of the woman who wears it. These days, it is more of a nod to a good old tradition as well as a chance to show off your unique style and sharp fashion sense.

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