How to wear fascinators and ladies hats in autumn and winter?

When it comes to special occasions and official events, women’s fascinators and hats are an integral part of any spring and summer look. But what about the cold season? Is it appropriate to wear these head accessories in autumn and winter? The answer is – yes! If you are attending a wedding or a christening, we absolutely recommend putting on a fascinator or a hat. It will add a finishing touch to your outfit and tie the whole look together. But it doesn’t mean that you can reuse the same headwear you donned in summer. During colder seasons, opt for winter fascinators and lady hats that offer more coverage. Also, choose heavier materials like wool and felt – they will look more suitable with your autumn or winter coat.

As for the style and color for the ceremony celebrations, there are really no rules anymore. You can match the color of winter fascinators to your outerwear for a classy and elegant look. But if you are looking to make a fashion statement, go for bold contrasting colors and a more daring design. No matter what you choose, a fascinator is a great way to stand out of the crowd and make heads turn!